Sweetwater Bay

Sweetwater Bay

This town is first mentioned by Kaitlyn of the Silver Hook Trading guild when she offered work for the party when she was rescued from the Forbidden Island. Saffid, also a castaway, warned the party that it was a dangerous town full of cutthroats and thieves.

Later, Caspar and his companions who inform the party that Sweetwater Bay is plague-ridden.

Notable People:

Zephros: (male) The sorcerer ruler of the town of Sweetwater. He wears a white mask that covers half of his face.

Caspar Kharshid (human male, 26): a knowledgeable, nervously gregarious, curious, and accident prone scholar of the Order of the Salmon

Byelobog Ba’lal (human male, 36): a foul-mouthed sailor hired on as a sell-sword

Sindri (female): Byelobog’s captain who is said to be the one really in charge of Sweetwater Bay.

The Seer: A mysterious sage, revealed by the party to be a murderous Rakshasha

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Sweetwater Bay

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