The Path of Penance

My, What Big Eyes You Have

A test quest from a strange young boy

  • All time stops and a small boy named Kiniro comes into the party’s midst and sends Ko and Drake on a mission to the town of Deepwood, instantly teleporting them there. He states that he is curious to see how they will handle the situation.
  • The first thing the two see is a man hanging from a tree, executed for being a werewolf and the murder of the town’s cleric, Istah Ha’Lorhana
  • Ko and Drake learn a bit about werewolves and learn that about half the town may be ones
  • The two look past the fact and discover that Mura Jiro, a con artist with a magic item that polymorphs, is the true guilty party
  • Ko and Drake are brought back to the Broken Glass Tribes caves, Kiniro congratulates them on their wisdom, are restarts time. As he does so, he suggests that they head up the mountain
  • The two are left to explain the odd side quest to a befuddled Aminta and Quincey



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