The Path of Penance

Meeting Zephros

A Curveball

The players finally act on their suspicions and confront the Sorcerer Lord of Sweetwater Bay. Drake’s plan is to present himself as an agent from the mainland. His research has given him the cover of “Hound of the Inquisition.” He discovered it within the research provided by Caspar the Herbalist. His intention is to quietly get Zephros to surrender the Plague Staff. This will spare Sweetwater Bay the same fate as Riverwalk.

The only problem is that Zephros denies any awareness of the Plague Staff. In fact, he is emotionally distraught as he is told his people are under a magical attack from a drow weapon. He states that he believes in a time when the Empire stood for protecting its people.

The rest of the night, the party argues about what this means and what to do next. They begin asking themselves some good questions.

Also, early in the night, Aminta, Ko, and Quincey’s raid on the Stairwell Shop, a front for the Midnighters, gets interrupted by a group of familiar rats. The 1000 Eyes members that extorted the party as they entered the city arrived to sell that information. The party killed the 1000 Eyes and then staged the scene as if the Midnighters and the 1000 Eyes killed each other.



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