The Path of Penance

Expedition to Nexus

I believe I can fly

  • The party travels to the top of the mountain, ahead of the fire of the burning forges.
  • Aminta goes off with Davin Stonebrier to aid in his quest to save his brother
  • At the top, the party is rescued by the Jewel of Heaven, a flying balloon ship.
  • The Jewel of Heaven’s crew is the Wayfarers of Bywood an adventurous guild. They are:
    Captain Marlia Brace, a halfling ranger with silver hair and hazel eyes
    Hamfo, Cpt. Brace’s flying squirrel and guild mascot
    Maycar Brace, a halfling rogue and Marlia’s brother, who is both foolish and determined
    Il Galadin, an elf fighter, specializing in the bow
    Ahjal Ha’Rega: a quiet dwarf cleric and general crafty female
    “Mouse” Caleb Crimson: a surly young fighter with bright red hair
    Iki Nobu: member of the Order of the Salmon and a sickly wizard
  • The party learns of the disgraced Crimson Guild from the bitter Mouse
  • The Wayfarers tell of their quest to find the Oubliette, an ancient prison created by the Empire. Nobu seeks to find a Periapt of Health worn by Sorcerer Darkstar to heal his own sickness
  • The two parties talk about how to break into the Oubliette and its seemingly impenetrable magical defenses
  • As the Wayfarers and the party arrive at Nobu’s base camp they find a scene of murder, no one is in the camp, but there is evidence of violence.
  • Drake and the party test the defenses and are thwarted by them
  • Ko asks Ahjal about manually flying to the Oubliette. Ahjal shows Ko some sketches but says that she can not find material strong enough to use
  • Defeated by the defenses, the party turns in for the night and hear a strange rush of wings and queer chanting in the distance
  • They investigate the sounds the next day and come across the Cult of the Ebon Wing, a sect of cannibalistic Soulless who worship the Daimons and have summoned a Nabasu, a flying demon
  • The party defeat the demon and the cult
  • Inspiration strikes Ko and she harvests the demon’s wings for Ahjal’s flying suit
  • Ko throws caution and herself to the winds and flies into the Oubliette, shutting down its defenses
  • The two parties explore the Oubliette and discover that it is another fortress called Nexus.
  • They navigate the shifting hallways of Nexus
  • Ko and Quincey discover the nature of the golden ring that they found in the Guardian Tower of Elemental Air on the Forbidden Isle. They are teleportation portals
  • Ko and Quincey discover the secret code to shut down the inner defenses of Nexus and gain control of the clay golem, Void, who maintains the structure
  • The Empire somehow discovers Nexus and sends a blue dragon to gain control of the fortress. It is forced to destroy Nexus after the party enable the defenses
  • The two parties escape Nexus’ destruction with the help of Void, who gates them to the Guardian Tower of Emerald at Quincey’s request
  • The party gains a gold disc, an access key to a new Nexus, when they wish to anchor it



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