The Path of Penance

Against the Empire

A kung-fu hustle

  • The party’s return to the Guardian Tower of Emerald is not a happy one. The Empire has re-taken control of the tower. It is now in the hands of Sorcerer Crystal
  • The party defeat the Sorcerer and free the enslaved captives, many who were falsely accused to be Soulless
  • Among the captives is a monk named Tatsuya, who fights in the same style as Quincey.
  • Tatsuya says that he quests for Crummock, Quincey’s master, because the Temple of the Winds was raided and the temple’s master was taken prisoner.
  • The party track down and face members of the Order of the Voice, an Imperial order of monks. They defeat the monks of the Voice, while a high ranking Voice observes the fight.
  • The high ranking monk leaves his students to their demise, thanking the party for the lesson
  • Quincey learns some of the history of the Order of the Winds from the immortal master Grey. They were once guardians of the Sorcerers of the island until the betrayer and his hordes of monsters killed all the sorcerers of the island



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