The Path of Penance

The Hobgoblins, the Rakshasha, and the Phoenix

  • The party gives chase to the Seer, now known to be a serpent headed Rakshasha.
  • The party defeats a Bullet, Ko remembers that the landshark’s stomach juice is one of the best acids in the world and collects some.
  • The party come across and defeat members of the Baggers Guild, slavers, and free their captives
  • The captives lead the party to the small farming village of Sakura Rock
  • Sakura Rock has been taken over by the Empire. Slaves till the land, farming recreational drugs for export.
  • As the party attempts to wrest control of the town from the Empire, a division of hobgoblins from the Broken Glass Tribe attacks. The party receives help from a warrior named Davin Stonebrier
  • Davin tells of his quest for the Soulforge, an ancient Imperial tool that can reshape a person’s soul. He explains how his Sorcerer brother, Damon, was taken by the Empire and brainwashed to serve them. He quests to regain his brother’s soul and tells of stories of an ancient sage in the area.
  • The party arrive at Riven, an old Dwarven fort. There they defeat Ice Salamanders and find 4 more shards (one for each element)
  • The party also finds an imprisoned Phoenix who thanks them for efforts with both treasure and information
    *The Phoenix informs that the shards are made of Planar Jade, material made from compressed energy from the elemental moons. The Empire once used the material to make precious items, masks, weapons, armors, and jewelry
    *The Phoenix tells Davin of the Soulforge, powered by an Eclipse Stone, an item made by joining positive and negative planar jade. He said that there was once one on the island i the Guardian Watchtower of the Wheel, which once stood on the coast, but was destroyed during the Thunder Wars
  • The Phoenix tells the party of the weakness of the Rakshasha, a weapon that was both piercing and good
  • The Phoenix tells of the tunnel that the Dwarves built to raid the Broken Glass Tribe during the Goblin Wars
  • The Phoenix uses its powers to further enchant the Victory Cup, making it stronger. It also gives the party its tears, which could bless a weapon for a period of time
  • Traveling through the Dwarf tunnel, the party raid the Broken Glass Tribe
  • The party demoralizes the hobgoblin army by beheading their war chief, Drogon
  • The party wreaks havoc with the hobgoblin forges with the use of “Goblin balls,” a grenade-like magic item which teleports crazed goblins on impact
  • The Seer, a Rakshasha is confronted and defeated



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