The Path of Penance

Against the Empire
A kung-fu hustle
  • The party’s return to the Guardian Tower of Emerald is not a happy one. The Empire has re-taken control of the tower. It is now in the hands of Sorcerer Crystal
  • The party defeat the Sorcerer and free the enslaved captives, many who were falsely accused to be Soulless
  • Among the captives is a monk named Tatsuya, who fights in the same style as Quincey.
  • Tatsuya says that he quests for Crummock, Quincey’s master, because the Temple of the Winds was raided and the temple’s master was taken prisoner.
  • The party track down and face members of the Order of the Voice, an Imperial order of monks. They defeat the monks of the Voice, while a high ranking Voice observes the fight.
  • The high ranking monk leaves his students to their demise, thanking the party for the lesson
  • Quincey learns some of the history of the Order of the Winds from the immortal master Grey. They were once guardians of the Sorcerers of the island until the betrayer and his hordes of monsters killed all the sorcerers of the island
Expedition to Nexus
I believe I can fly
  • The party travels to the top of the mountain, ahead of the fire of the burning forges.
  • Aminta goes off with Davin Stonebrier to aid in his quest to save his brother
  • At the top, the party is rescued by the Jewel of Heaven, a flying balloon ship.
  • The Jewel of Heaven’s crew is the Wayfarers of Bywood an adventurous guild. They are:
    Captain Marlia Brace, a halfling ranger with silver hair and hazel eyes
    Hamfo, Cpt. Brace’s flying squirrel and guild mascot
    Maycar Brace, a halfling rogue and Marlia’s brother, who is both foolish and determined
    Il Galadin, an elf fighter, specializing in the bow
    Ahjal Ha’Rega: a quiet dwarf cleric and general crafty female
    “Mouse” Caleb Crimson: a surly young fighter with bright red hair
    Iki Nobu: member of the Order of the Salmon and a sickly wizard
  • The party learns of the disgraced Crimson Guild from the bitter Mouse
  • The Wayfarers tell of their quest to find the Oubliette, an ancient prison created by the Empire. Nobu seeks to find a Periapt of Health worn by Sorcerer Darkstar to heal his own sickness
  • The two parties talk about how to break into the Oubliette and its seemingly impenetrable magical defenses
  • As the Wayfarers and the party arrive at Nobu’s base camp they find a scene of murder, no one is in the camp, but there is evidence of violence.
  • Drake and the party test the defenses and are thwarted by them
  • Ko asks Ahjal about manually flying to the Oubliette. Ahjal shows Ko some sketches but says that she can not find material strong enough to use
  • Defeated by the defenses, the party turns in for the night and hear a strange rush of wings and queer chanting in the distance
  • They investigate the sounds the next day and come across the Cult of the Ebon Wing, a sect of cannibalistic Soulless who worship the Daimons and have summoned a Nabasu, a flying demon
  • The party defeat the demon and the cult
  • Inspiration strikes Ko and she harvests the demon’s wings for Ahjal’s flying suit
  • Ko throws caution and herself to the winds and flies into the Oubliette, shutting down its defenses
  • The two parties explore the Oubliette and discover that it is another fortress called Nexus.
  • They navigate the shifting hallways of Nexus
  • Ko and Quincey discover the nature of the golden ring that they found in the Guardian Tower of Elemental Air on the Forbidden Isle. They are teleportation portals
  • Ko and Quincey discover the secret code to shut down the inner defenses of Nexus and gain control of the clay golem, Void, who maintains the structure
  • The Empire somehow discovers Nexus and sends a blue dragon to gain control of the fortress. It is forced to destroy Nexus after the party enable the defenses
  • The two parties escape Nexus’ destruction with the help of Void, who gates them to the Guardian Tower of Emerald at Quincey’s request
  • The party gains a gold disc, an access key to a new Nexus, when they wish to anchor it
My, What Big Eyes You Have
A test quest from a strange young boy
  • All time stops and a small boy named Kiniro comes into the party’s midst and sends Ko and Drake on a mission to the town of Deepwood, instantly teleporting them there. He states that he is curious to see how they will handle the situation.
  • The first thing the two see is a man hanging from a tree, executed for being a werewolf and the murder of the town’s cleric, Istah Ha’Lorhana
  • Ko and Drake learn a bit about werewolves and learn that about half the town may be ones
  • The two look past the fact and discover that Mura Jiro, a con artist with a magic item that polymorphs, is the true guilty party
  • Ko and Drake are brought back to the Broken Glass Tribes caves, Kiniro congratulates them on their wisdom, are restarts time. As he does so, he suggests that they head up the mountain
  • The two are left to explain the odd side quest to a befuddled Aminta and Quincey
The Hobgoblins, the Rakshasha, and the Phoenix
  • The party gives chase to the Seer, now known to be a serpent headed Rakshasha.
  • The party defeats a Bullet, Ko remembers that the landshark’s stomach juice is one of the best acids in the world and collects some.
  • The party come across and defeat members of the Baggers Guild, slavers, and free their captives
  • The captives lead the party to the small farming village of Sakura Rock
  • Sakura Rock has been taken over by the Empire. Slaves till the land, farming recreational drugs for export.
  • As the party attempts to wrest control of the town from the Empire, a division of hobgoblins from the Broken Glass Tribe attacks. The party receives help from a warrior named Davin Stonebrier
  • Davin tells of his quest for the Soulforge, an ancient Imperial tool that can reshape a person’s soul. He explains how his Sorcerer brother, Damon, was taken by the Empire and brainwashed to serve them. He quests to regain his brother’s soul and tells of stories of an ancient sage in the area.
  • The party arrive at Riven, an old Dwarven fort. There they defeat Ice Salamanders and find 4 more shards (one for each element)
  • The party also finds an imprisoned Phoenix who thanks them for efforts with both treasure and information
    *The Phoenix informs that the shards are made of Planar Jade, material made from compressed energy from the elemental moons. The Empire once used the material to make precious items, masks, weapons, armors, and jewelry
    *The Phoenix tells Davin of the Soulforge, powered by an Eclipse Stone, an item made by joining positive and negative planar jade. He said that there was once one on the island i the Guardian Watchtower of the Wheel, which once stood on the coast, but was destroyed during the Thunder Wars
  • The Phoenix tells the party of the weakness of the Rakshasha, a weapon that was both piercing and good
  • The Phoenix tells of the tunnel that the Dwarves built to raid the Broken Glass Tribe during the Goblin Wars
  • The Phoenix uses its powers to further enchant the Victory Cup, making it stronger. It also gives the party its tears, which could bless a weapon for a period of time
  • Traveling through the Dwarf tunnel, the party raid the Broken Glass Tribe
  • The party demoralizes the hobgoblin army by beheading their war chief, Drogon
  • The party wreaks havoc with the hobgoblin forges with the use of “Goblin balls,” a grenade-like magic item which teleports crazed goblins on impact
  • The Seer, a Rakshasha is confronted and defeated
Figuring it All Out
Filthy Snakes
Figuring It All Out

The next day, Drake is invited by Sorcerer Zephros to have nice long chat. There he reveals that he has always known that Drake is not from the Empire. All Masks created for Imperial Sorcerers are magical and are arcanely marked by their creator. Drake casts detect magic and can see the glowing symbol on Zephros’ Mask. Zephros admits that he admires Drake’s daring. He reveals a bit of his own backstory. He was taken from his native Tribe here on the islands and sent to be indoctrinated by the Empire. He cunningly resisted the brainwashing and eventually gained a modicum of freedom as lord of Sweetwater Bay. Drake then asked Zephros if he could teach the ways of the Empire to better enact his disguise. Zephros questioned Drake’s motives for wanting to pretend, and suggesting that he not seek to be something he is not.

Meanwhile, the rest of the party meets Uichi Mercury of the Mercury Transport company. He says that he runs the only healthy group of rickshaws in town and is looking to corner the market by getting an Imperial Seal from Sorcerer Zephros. Ko finds this a little shady, since the Coward’s Tears plague is affecting the entire town. Uichi explains that he has a lucky totem that all of his drivers touch at the beginning of his shift and that none have been stricken by the plague. More curious, Ko asks how he came upon this totem. Uichi says that he went to the Seer when his business was failing. The Seer gave him a totem that would bring him luck.

Ko evades making a date with Uichi and fills in the others of his story. Quincey suggests to check out the Mercury Transport company in the warehouse district. When he pays for the party’s drinks, Aminta notices a snake scale fall from his pouch. The scale reminds them of the same scale found at the Guardian Tower of Emerald. Being tight on his purse strings, Quincey remembers the Seer reaching in his pouch to retrieve his payment.

The party goes to the rickshaw company, defeats some hobgoblins, and searches it. There they find the totem, which is the Plague Staff. They continue to search and find the Plague Stone hidden in one of the rickshaw’s storage compartment.

The evidence points to the Seer and the party goes to confront him, without Drake. They walk through a dense smoke fog and begin to fight the Seer, who shows his true form as a large snake-headed Rakshasha. The party fights and narrowly wins the battle. Though bloodied, Aminta admits that she felt the battle was too easy. Indeed it was, as a smoke fog rises and clears. The party is still in the Seer’s home. The snake-headed Seer stands before them. He congratulates them on their deduction, but says that he sees they are no real threat to him. He disappears, promising to see them again soon.

Meeting Zephros
A Curveball

The players finally act on their suspicions and confront the Sorcerer Lord of Sweetwater Bay. Drake’s plan is to present himself as an agent from the mainland. His research has given him the cover of “Hound of the Inquisition.” He discovered it within the research provided by Caspar the Herbalist. His intention is to quietly get Zephros to surrender the Plague Staff. This will spare Sweetwater Bay the same fate as Riverwalk.

The only problem is that Zephros denies any awareness of the Plague Staff. In fact, he is emotionally distraught as he is told his people are under a magical attack from a drow weapon. He states that he believes in a time when the Empire stood for protecting its people.

The rest of the night, the party argues about what this means and what to do next. They begin asking themselves some good questions.

Also, early in the night, Aminta, Ko, and Quincey’s raid on the Stairwell Shop, a front for the Midnighters, gets interrupted by a group of familiar rats. The 1000 Eyes members that extorted the party as they entered the city arrived to sell that information. The party killed the 1000 Eyes and then staged the scene as if the Midnighters and the 1000 Eyes killed each other.


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